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LittleMan is finally sleeping again, knock on wood (and any other surface around). It has been another tough month ending in 2 teeth and a nasty fever but finally I am getting to sleep at night! This week Dad! is on holidays and he gets to take over parenting duties for a couple days while I work, it should be a good experience for both of my boys……

The template testing on my site will be done in the next couple days, then I will revert back to my good ‘ole laundromat page. Until then I am playing with color schemes and formatting on here until I find something that looks pretty for a fellow blogging mom. That is her cutie patootie baby girl at the top of the page. Hopefully soon she will send me some photos to put there, I stole that one from her and I am sure a bigger file size would work better. 

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As much as I hate to admit it, I love going to the dollar store. Around here we have Dollarama which I must say is a mecca of cheap junk that you never knew you needed. That place is always packed and seriously I am so lucky they do not take debit cards because I have to go in with cash and stick to a BUDGET (at the dollar store I need a budget – that is how bad it gets) and count how much I am putting into the basket. Heaven forbid if I ever got a cart, I would be broke filling the damn thing up.

Anyways, now that the Dollarama love-fest is done I will get on with it…. this post is not about a trip to Dollarama (note to self take camera there and take pictures of stupid junk people buy) but is about something I purchased for a buck. 

Now, since I live in the same city as the MDF, Pine, Melamine and Allen Wrench craziness known as IKEA I must say that I frequent the store for many things. For a buck at IKEA you can get a decent breakfast (which is so cheap you can order LittleMan his own breakfast instead of feeding from your plate) a refillable cup of coffee (so necessary in the mornings, but they used to have an espresso machine where did it go?) or all 3 of these little toys for a dollar:
We have a shark, a turtle and an octopus…… 

Oh wait what is that I see? 
Right. An Octopus with 1…2…3…4…5….. yup 5 legs.  So what would you call an Octopus with 5 legs? 
A Pentopus*.
*all credit for the witty toy name goes to Dad! because we all know I am not that funny.

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Ginger Beer Celebration
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Dearest LittleMan,

A year ago today was the second most important day of my life. On Wednesday June 28, 2006 we brought our little boy (YOU!)home from the hospital. At first I was amazed that i didn’t have to pass some sort of exam or sign papers to take you home, it took a while for me to understand that you belonged to us. The day you came home was a hot day(32 degrees), the sky was blue and BuddyLove was pleased to meet you for the first time outside of Mommy’s belly (you had been kicking her for months before this).

Mommy was so very tired after being stuck in the worst hospital room ever for days on end, and went to take a nap after coming home. Daddy took care of you and when you got fussy, he took you for a car ride to calm you down; we were amateurs back then and the car ride was a helped you relax when you were little.

That night was sweltering hot in the house (because Daddy took his time getting us air conditioning), and you spent it screaming, and screaming and screaming. We thought all babies screamed; Mommy was breastfeeding you at the time, and little did she know that because of an operation years ago you were not getting enough milk. You were a hungry little man. Soon we found out that Mommy needed medicine to help feed you and you needed formula to top you up. By the end of the week (Friday night) we had a little system figured out, and you became a pretty happy peaceful baby; until Mommy and Daddy wanted to eat, then you started to fuss and we ate many cold meals after calming you down.

Daddy and I can’t really remember what our life was really like before we had you, and we would never change it for the world. Mommy had a rough year before you were born, and you have made me (and Daddy) so happy and proud; I could just kiss and squeeze you forever. You are the light of my life.

Love you more than chocolate,

P.S. The most important day of my life was the day you were born.

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So far this morning I have consumed the following:

1 small biscotti
12 ounces of coffee with half and half cream
So far this morning LittleMan has consumed: 
6 ounces of formula
6 ounces of Homo milk
1 bowl of cereal (about 1/2 cup)
1 bowl of fruit (also about 1/2 cup)
1 waffle
1 Big Sea Shell Pasta stuffed with Ricotta Cheese and Spinach in a tomato cream sauce (leftovers from date night last night YUMMY)
What I want to know is how is he not gaining weight (well gaining very slowly), and I am not losing it? I know I could eat better, exercise and stuff but I am not the biggest eater and my weight is still only coming off at a rate of a pound a week. Yes, I know biscotti is not the breakfast of champions, and I should eat more regularly…. but there are things to do and babies to play with you know? 
It still doesn’t add up.

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So much has changed with LittleMan lately, I don’t even know where to begin. 

He has a few words now, the most amusing being Dad! (yup said with the exclamation point), so Dadadadada will now be known as Dad! on this blog since that is what LittleMan call him now. 
Buddylove and LittleMan are still best buds, but with LittleMan getting bigger, he is also rougher and soon will outweigh BuddyLove. BuddyLove has been growling at him a little now when he gets too rough, which annoys me but LittleMan gets the idea and backs off.

Recently (in the last week) he has become Master of the Stairs (in BOTH directions); Dad! discovered this at Grams house while visiting last week, her stairs are closed in so I think he felt a little safer going up and down them (ours are wide open and a little intimidating). He has morphed this impressive skill into something we call the slide, which to him is much more efficient;  instead of crawling backwards like any normal baby, he skootches over to the left side and slides down backwards. Although this is cute, he sometimes loses his balance and will probably tumble down the stairs any time now. 
My Mom (LoudGranny) recently had surgery and I spent time there last week helping her home from the hospital and staying a night to make sure everything was OK. She is doing good now, just a little slow still and she can’t pick up LittleMan which totally breaks her heart. We have gone shopping since her surgery, and it is a SLOW process since we need to stop for breaks all the time.
LittleMan has been sleeping like crap again lately, damn bastard tooth. Enough said. 
Preparations are underway for the First Birthday Blowout…… but the party and all the issues (not many really) are enough for a whole other blog post.

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Dearest LittleMan,

You are just over 11 months old now, and I have to admit you are officially a Toddler.

Sure you don’t attempt to walk with any regularity, but you are as strong as an Ox and you can pitch little temper-tantrums like a seasoned pro. So far, you have not pitched any fits when we go out (knock on wood), you tend to only get mad when Mamamama won’t let you crawl up the stairs or play with Dadadadada’s stereo.

You are getting to be a rough and tumble little boy, you are never alarmed when you hurt yourself, and only cry when your pride is injured. This week, you have learned how to crawl on top of the coffee table and sit there to play with toys. You only seem to do this when Mamamama leaves the room to go pee. You are starting to manhandle BuddyLove, when sitting at the window she barks at the cars going by and you go “ooo ooo ooo” and then grab her collar and pull her down from the window like she is in your way. You now give her full frontal hugs and roll with her on the floor. Lately, you are most amused when she is playing fetch; you giggle endlessly at her antics. I can not wait to watch you and the dog grow up together. Someday, she will spend the night snoring in YOUR room.

Yesterday you finally learned how to go both ways on the stairs, now the problem is you never just go strait up them, you go up two then down two, up two the down two. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but since we do need to get upstairs to change your diaper I need to pick you up and that starts a tantrum; which is never pretty but is thankfully short.

Love You More than Chocolate,

P.S. I know you like to play with doors now, but can you PLEASE stop locking Mamamamama in the pantry?

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So I have finished 2 out of three of my shifts this week. Things at work have gone well, I haven’t forgotten how to do things and there were very few changes in the lab to learn. Stuff there never changes, I have been gone a year and some people are still complaining about THE SAME CRAP they did a year ago. I figure at this point they should quit complaining about it, because obviously it is not going to change. The same politics and arguments still exist, which is a little annoying too. Maybe it is my “New Mom” perspective, but I no longer care about that crap. I want to show up, do my job, get my paycheque ($$$$ YAY) and go home to my kid. That’s it. I wish others would just chill out and adopt the same attitude.

Politics, it’s not just for the government anymore….

LittleMan has spent 2 nights with Grams and is spending tonight with LoudGranny (aka my Mom). Things have gone well, he slept straight through the first night and got up once the second night for a bottle. He has been cranky when he gets dropped off, but I think that is because it is so close to bedtime that he is just tired by then, I am thinking of trying to move bedtime up about 15-20 minutes to accomodate this. Or I can continue dropping him off at the same time, and he should get used to it. I worry a little that Grams holds him or tries to contain him too much, he really likes to go go go all the time and if he doen’t run around a lot, he doesn’t take a decent nap which makes the rest of the day crap for everyone involved. I think Grams will get the hang of it in no time at all.

It is still hard to leave him at night and go to work, but I am so very happy to be working again and to me it all evens out in the end. I know as a kid I loved spending time and sleeping overnight at my Baba and Gidos home, and I want LittleMan to feel the same way too. I found having a couple photos of him in my daytimer and really spending good time with him during the day when I am awake have helped me transition back to work. Soon, we may be getting a new schedule at work, and being very part time I really do not want to work 3 nights in a row at all (I should only be doing 2 which is easy with a kid) because I find it to be too much for me, and too much to expect from the Grandmothers (granted the rest of my four week rotation is very nice – even just losing one shift alltogether would do for me).

It does get eaiser when they get older – doesn’t it?

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