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Tonight will be night number one without The Dictators soother.

I would be such a big fat liar if I said I was fine with this; but the truth be told I am so not fine with it. For one it means my little boy is officially a big kid, and more importantly I have lost the ability to plug him to get him to calm down. The soother was a big tool  the only quiet inducing tool in my parenting arsenal you know?

What finally brought me to this decision?

This week I had a few people over from my Mom Group for lunch and a playdate and my friend DogMama was telling me how Mayson has been without her soother for a week now and it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. This made me think that maybe it was fine time to ditch our soothers, because like DogMama said “do you really think it is going to get any easier”? Hell to the no it wasn’t going to get easier, I was just hoping he would grow out of them and decide he didn’t need them anymore.

Heh. I much prefer when my child takes care of his own parenting needs…

Knowing in my heart that this was never going to happen I decided that today was the day.

After nap-time I piled all the soothers I could find into the soother jar and hauled The Dictator off to Toys ‘R Us (first we picked up Grandma Danielle). The deal was that he was supposed to hand his jar of soothers over to the cashier to pay for his new toy that he picked out. First my darling son picked out two annoying and loud toys (a talking Mater from Cars and a fire station) and second he was much too distracted by the giant gumball machine at the checkout to even care about giving up the soothers.

To top it off AFTER I explained the situation to the idiot casher she was so confused she gave The Dictator back his soothers. What about the following conversation is so hard to understand?:

Me: My son is going to give you a jar of soothers as payment for his new toy – please put that jar in this non see-through green bag and hand it back to me after OK?

Her: OK. That will be 35$ please.

Me: Whip out debit card – have The Dictator cermoniously hand over the soothers in the jar….

Her: Oh you want to buy this jar of assorted soothers too?

Me: Um no, he is paying you with the soothers that go in the green bag right?… wink wink.

Her: Oh.

Her: Hands the jar of soothers back to The Dictator, who is thankfully distracted by the gumball machine.

Me: Do me a favor, make sure you don’t tell the kids there is no Santa Claus at Christmas OK? That would be a total deal breaker….

This was not a smart girl.

When we got to the car we made a fuss over how big The Dictator was and how all the little babies would like to have his soothers that he left at the store. He seemed pretty OK with it but MY chest felt tight and I was breathing funny and tearing up at the same time. I seriously was freaking out on the inside.

Edited to add:

WTF was I so concerned about? The kid asked for it a few times before bedtime and then went to sleep last night with no issues whatsoever.

Obviously I was the one with the issues.


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About a month ago we moved The Dictator into a big boy bed. This was monumental for us since the little bugger was risking life and limb daily getting in and out of his crib (with the side-rails all the way up). We figured it would be a good time to take the crib apart and put it away before The Deuce arrives – just so The Dictator would not think we were giving ‘his’ bed to the new baby and get jealous.

Before the move The Dictator was well known for sleeping in until at least 7:30-8:30am every morning without fail and for taking 2 to 3 hour naps each afternoon. If he did wake up early he would play by himself quietly until we came to get him – which was super nice since I usually snuck a shower in before I got him out of the crib. NOW the little stinker has started waking up between 6:15am and 6:21am (ooohhh big time range; 6 minutes) and screaming for Mama at his door (we had locked him in his room at night so he wouldn’t wander around the house or fall down the stairs).

Last night I decided not to lock him in his room. This turned out to be a very. good. plan. The Dictator slept until 7:20am and then came to my room and crawled into my bed until 8:00am.

That golden hour of extra sleep and morning cuddles with a sleepy toddler (and the snoring dog) totally made my day.

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I love to blog, really I do. BUT, I find the Mommy bloggers out there are divided into two distinct groups:

  • those who read the books (which I like to call the fear mongering books), know it all and are not afraid to tell you how to do it (this group can usually be found bitching at Linda and Kristin in the Parent Dish comment section)
  • those who are getting by day by day and happily bend the rules in the books to their advantage and personal sanity

I confess I am definitely one of the latter group. Here are my confessions:

  • My son had a bottle at every nap and bedtime until he was 18 moths old
  • He also was on formula until 18 months old
  • My son almost never slept through the night (and remember my medical specialty is Sleep!) until he was 18 months old – I got up nightly to feed him, sometimes several times (feel free to cry a little tear for Stewart and I)
  • The Dictator still has a soother – though mostly at bedtime
  • I let my child watch The Backyardigans so I can put away laundry
  • The Dictator gets to play in the tub beside out shower while I am in the shower
  • I give him chocolate sometimes to bribe him to be good
  • Ditto with the gum
  • And the mints
  • I am excited my son likes Bologna – because he hates meat. I think deli meat is better then nothing at all….
  • I have to hide vegi’s in his food to get him to eat enough
  • I make many of his meals in advance and freeze them so I do not have to cook from scratch every day
  • I am pleased he likes cucumbers because they are easy to make – some kids steal a banana at the grocery store to munch on. Me? I unwrap a cucumber and he goes hog wild.
  • I let him have temper tantrums – because some days I have no idea what to do about them
  • I threaten him with time outs when he is acting up – and usually follow through if the behavior continues
  • I put tape over some of his toys speakers so I do not have to listen to the noise
  • The Dictator gets to play on the deck while I stay in the house to wash dishes
  • He eats ice cream most days after dinner
  • I still rock him to sleep at nap time (because I like love to – not that I have to)
  • He still eats baby cereal as a bedtime snack
  • When we are out and about all of his snacks are usually the “pre-packaged” variety
  • I add chocolate milk to regular milk on the days he refuses to drink just plain old milk
  • At dinner, we have been known to give him apple juice or milk in a small wineglass so he won’t ask for our wineglasses

I am sure I could add way more to the list. For the Moms out there what are your parenting confessions?

Photo taken at 9am, going to bed after a long night at the hospital.

And to round it all up – a personal confession of my own.

  • Some days I drink wine at 9am after a long night shift at work before heading off to bed.

I am an awesome Mom, really. Just ask my adoring son 🙂

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Rito has slept like crap for the last three nights getting up anywhere from two to six times each night. Right now he is working on two very stubborn molars that are making mincemeat out of his gums causing him to scream in his sleep (my god does that ever scare the crap out of me in the middle of the night) and not eat well during the day. The result is that he has been getting up to eat a couple times a night this week, which means neither of us is getting much sleep, but this too shall pass and it will hopefully be back to normal soon. 

The renovations in the basement are almost complete, we are just having a problem with the french door not closing properly – hopefully by next week it will all be painted and I will have no more people trudging through my home creating dust and more cleaning for Dad! and I to do. I would love to get the shelving and stuff in for next weekend, but with some work obligations coming up I really do not think I will have time to complete everything in the little timeline that is in my head.
Rito loves the Backyardigans. I personally am sick of having the little songs stuck in my head and Dad! had to go make new words up to one of the songs and now I sing his version too. I must admit that I am happy I finally found the remote for the Crackyardigans TV (rolled up in the sheet from the bed if you want to know where it was Dad!) and could get 20 minutes of televised peace to do the laundry. Yesterday I also was lame enough to Google what the heck Uniqua was. She is nothing. I thought she was a Salamander or something but she is unique. Lame, you think if the rest of the Backyardigans are actual animals they could have made Uniqua something.  Yadda Yadda I know, she is supposed to be the unique one, just sayin‘ it is lame. 
It appears that the site is loading faster for my readers, thanks for the messages telling me how it was loading for all of you. If you are running into problems loading PLEASE let me know in the comments! 
I will be back to my funny self once I get more then 2 hours of consolidated sleep……

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So much has changed with LittleMan lately, I don’t even know where to begin. 

He has a few words now, the most amusing being Dad! (yup said with the exclamation point), so Dadadadada will now be known as Dad! on this blog since that is what LittleMan call him now. 
Buddylove and LittleMan are still best buds, but with LittleMan getting bigger, he is also rougher and soon will outweigh BuddyLove. BuddyLove has been growling at him a little now when he gets too rough, which annoys me but LittleMan gets the idea and backs off.

Recently (in the last week) he has become Master of the Stairs (in BOTH directions); Dad! discovered this at Grams house while visiting last week, her stairs are closed in so I think he felt a little safer going up and down them (ours are wide open and a little intimidating). He has morphed this impressive skill into something we call the slide, which to him is much more efficient;  instead of crawling backwards like any normal baby, he skootches over to the left side and slides down backwards. Although this is cute, he sometimes loses his balance and will probably tumble down the stairs any time now. 
My Mom (LoudGranny) recently had surgery and I spent time there last week helping her home from the hospital and staying a night to make sure everything was OK. She is doing good now, just a little slow still and she can’t pick up LittleMan which totally breaks her heart. We have gone shopping since her surgery, and it is a SLOW process since we need to stop for breaks all the time.
LittleMan has been sleeping like crap again lately, damn bastard tooth. Enough said. 
Preparations are underway for the First Birthday Blowout…… but the party and all the issues (not many really) are enough for a whole other blog post.

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Dearest LittleMan,

Mommy would like to commend you on your excellent efforts towards household peace by sleeping in this morning. Finally I got to relax until 7:15am! I feel like I won the lottery or something, which means YOU won the Mommy lottery, I am oh so FRESH, and AWAKE, and ready to CHASE YOU AROUND!!!!! I am also impressed how you fell back asleep at 5am after you woke for a little feeding (which I understand concidering you threw up your dinner at bedtime, so your little tummy must have been pretty empty).

Right now you are in your crib, sleeping. I really love your 2 hour morning naps, they make our day quite nice, you get to sleep and Mommy gets a shower and some cleaning done. It is a great trade-off. I am sorry the stoopid window guy woke you up yesterday 30 minute into your nap, making you a cranky little peanut for the rest of the day.

When Daddy brings my car home we will go for groceries and maybe to Lululemon to get Mommy a pair of crop pants, I think I deserve a treat (1/2 way to losing the baby weight) and I wanted them for a while now. We will be missing out on the picnic with Mom group today since you have been coughing a little, I just want to keep you inside for a day or two until the cough dies down a bit. Daddy is also getting us AIR CONDITIONING today, which means we can truly enjoy the heat this summer knowing we can escape to our nice cool home. Trust me, you will appreciate it!

You are the greatest little man ever.

Love you more than chocolate,

P.S. BuddyLove thinks you are great and I know you love love love her, but she doesn’t like being choked by your chubbly little arms each morning. She is just too sweet to tell you herself. She prefers hugs, kisses, petting and CHEERIOS!!!!

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Dearest LittleMan,

Thank you for getting 2 new teeth this week. I must say they are very BIG, and SHARP, and WHITE!

Thank you for staying in your crib until 7am the last couple of mornings, even though it was becasue Mommy refused to come and get you out of it until 7am. Sooner or later you will learn that is the time we wake up in this house. I don’t mind you getting up once a night at 4am, but can we go back to the way things were once upon a time when you would wake up, eat and go back to your crib, be quiet and fall asleep until 7 or 8am? This new “get up at 4:30 in the morning eat and then rock out in my crib making all kinds of racket until I collapse and Mommy finally gets me at 7am” routine is getting a little tiring for Mommy (and judging by your long daytime naps – for you too). Although, I must admit your rocking out in the crib moves are pretty good (I have been watching in the video camera) and may steal a few of them for the next wedding I go to, but don’t worry I will videotape my dancing to embarrass you when you are a teenager.

Thank you for eating so well this week, and finally swallowing beef without gagging. As well, thanks for coming out to breakfast with LoudGranny and I this morning and being so good. You had tons of fun in the germ-pit high chair eating fruit and eggs and hitting the spoons on the table. FUN!!!

Thanks for the 3 hour nap you are taking now, Mommy needed a “do nothing in the house at naptime” break this week, it was a long and painful week.

Love you more then chocolate,

P.S. Do you think you could hang out with Dadadadadada while I make dinner tonight instead of crawling up my pantleg? Thanks in advance.

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