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Last time I had a real holiday was September 2005 in San Francisco, around that same time that The Dictator was conceived. Holidays are good for the reproductive cycle, no?

Stewart and I are taking off for a few nights, alone. The Grandmas (Claire and Danielle) will be staying at our home with The Dictator and Paprika while Stewart and I eat fancy dinners, stay in a FANCY hotel and tour some vineyards. I am so looking forward a few days of “grown up” time. Had someone told me a few years ago that I would be begging for a decent haircut, massage and sleeping in a bed that I don’t have to make; I would have NEVER believed them. OMG. I just realized I won’t have to cook or do dishes either.

Excuse me while I wrap my head around those thoughts.

This will be the longest time I have ever been away from The Dictator, and it makes me a little nervous. I am sure he will be fine with the Grandmas propensity to be overprotective and overcautious (I am sure Claire is making a bubble wrap outfit for him to wear right now) but I still worry you know? It is not like I am only a 20 minute drive away – I will be a significant plane ride away from my son.

Deep breaths, don’t panic.

C’est la vie. I need We need this break.


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Bumpy Red Annoying Skin has taken over my body. For all of my adult life.

I have these hideous red bumps on my arms, and sometimes my jawline. It is called Keratosis Pilaris and can affect any part of the human body. I have been medicated and lubricated (sounds dirty) by Doctors and Dermatologists but never have found any relief from these ugly bumps other then a tanning bed (which I hate doing because my gawd the aging and Cancer!).

Keratosis Pilaris

This makes me very self conscious about wearing short sleeves, and when it spreads to my face I get really self conscious and wear my hair down all the time (to cover my jawline). I also get these lovely bumps on my back and on my ass. Lovely hey? Who wouldn’t want to smack that red bumpy ass?

Today when I was digging online I found many reviews for this lotion that you can buy at Sephora, and I am going to order it and try it out because I am dreaming of a summer of smooth arms and a non-bumpy ass. Once I try it for a week (and maybe even do before and after photos) I will post a review of it.

KP Duty by Dermadoctor

Now if someone would just make a magic cream for my cellulite.

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A week from now I could have almost perfect or near perfect vision. 

I know it sounds so very lame (and vain) but I have been considering laser eye surgery for some time now. I detest wearing glasses, and Rito tends to grab at them making them all smudged PLUS he has already broken an old “back up pair” of glasses. I have purchased many pairs and have never found a frame that I can stand wearing and looking at for more then a day or two at a time. They drive me nuts and I feel so gross and greasy when I wear them. Now, I normally do wear contacts which I sleep in (it is OK – really) and I have never had a problem with them. The problem with contacts is that I can’t wear them forever and in a few years I will need bifocals – which I am so NOT cool with (and contacts when you need bifocals are a pain in the ass). The laser surgery will almost guarantee that I will never need bifocals but may need a light prescription pair of reading glasses. To me this beats the shit out of bifocals.
I have done a lot of reading on the surgery and recently I have had a consultation for the procedure. As well I have called 4 previous patients of the clinic where I had the consultation and they are all happy with the outcomes of the procedure (one guy needed “tweaking” in one eye but is very pleased now) and I talked with two people at the clinic who were there for follow up appointments (one day after the procedure and three months after) and they were both very pleased. The only thing holding me back is the cost. Almost $3000.00 for the most expensive and “safer” option or as low as $2200.00 for the cheap version. The price was a bit more then expected but only an extra $1000.00 overall. Our benefit plans do cover a chunk of the surgery fee (actually over the course of time it will pay the while thing off) but the initial outlay of cash is a little stressful. Doo-able but stressful. I hate spending large chunks of$$$ all at once. For me, being a stay at home and working part time Mom, a $1000 is a lot of money to spend on such a thing (even though I will get that money back in less than a month). And face it I spend at least 800$ a year on contacts and glasses alone, so the surgery will more then pay for itself over time as well.
I guess I could just quit shopping until spring and that would more then cover the extra cost. 
Realistically I will go for the better more expensive and safer technology in the end; because why take chances with my eyes you know? I feel like I should do it sooner then later though, because the surgery can not be done while pregnant and since we are throwing all birth control caution to the wind in this house – pregnancy may not be far off. Seriously, two kids and glasses would suck. 
Screw it – after this rambling rant I realized that it is OK to do this for myself. It is about tiem I do some renovations on SleepyNita. ‘Tis is a New Year right? 

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