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Right so I really don’t have a clue what to post about (damn this blasted mini cold) so I figured I would interview my son and translate the answers for you….

Q. What is your favorite toy? 
A. MMblppukk tititi ttt splech digdig      didididede blep bli boo
Translation: My stuffed Monkey, he kinda  stinks and needs frequent bathing but I think it  is because I spit food onto his nose. 
Q. Why do you climb everything in sight?
A. babababaaaaaaa dididdededede ti ti ti ti (clapping hands the whole time)
Translation: It drives Mamamama nuts and it is funny to see her run after me when I climb    things.
Q. BuddyLove likes to play with you, but why must you head-but her all the time?
A. DigDig tititit beehhhh baaah spilddle doo (pointing finger at me)
Translation: So she knows who is the boss, and it is me! I also growl at her for good measure.
Q. What is with the diaper changing drama? 
A. Mamamamama didid dee dahh subequeedoo  dahhh dahhh. 
Translation:  I am trying to help Mamamama. By crawling away I am trying to get a breeze on my bits and pieces to dry off faster. I scream so you can find me. 
Q. Where is the knob to Dad!’s stereo? It has been missing for a while now. 
A. Blip blopp quedoo squee bloo dah dah daaaaaaa tititi da
Translation: You are not looking hard enough, I will never tell (smiles devilishly).

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