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I decided to wait on the laser eye surgery, mostly for financial reasons. But, barring a pregnancy it will be getting done this year (go figure you can’t do laser eye surgery when pregnant – and having kids is my reason to want to fix my eyes). Maybe I will do it next month, I just need a bit of time to put the extra 1000$ together. 

I had been waiting on a car repair that I have been DREADING the bill for (to do with the ABS system) and after taking it to a “friend” mechanic who said it could cost 1700$ or more to fix (for a new ABS module or 800$ for a rebuild), I decided to seek out a second opinion (after Dad! and I did some research online and Dad! encouraged me to take it to a shop that really knew their import cars). Today I got a call from the fantastic guys at the repair shop #2 with the good news that they suspect the problem is a simple $80 part. NICE. That totally made up for some of my shitty day. Getting a second opinion is always a good thing. The GreenMachine should be home tomorrow for hopefully a reasonable repair price.
Last night after Rito went to bed I had the freezing cold shakes so bad I was in tears, crying, shivering on the couch (in three piece polar fleece pajamas and a blanket). This morning I woke up (with Rito at 7am) with a fever, raging headache, shortness of breath and every bone and muscle in my body hurting. After consulting Dr. Google I decided that it sounded like I had the flu and that some rest may be a good plan. So now Dad! is watching Rito and I am lying in the spare room watching A Baby Story and playing on the laptop (I had a HOT shower and snoozed earlier and feel somewhat better but the headache still persists and I can’t take another Tylenol for another hour).  I think I will feel much better tomorrow once I shake the majority of this “Flu” off. Rito goes for a nap soon, and I think I will feel much better by dinner. 
I just want to go enjoy my little boy, I miss him even when I am in the same house. Right now I can hear him running around the kitchen giggling – and it makes me smile.

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A Bunch of Crock

My new Crock-Pot is so hot. For real. I could take over the world with this thing.

For those of you who like using a slow cooker (which I have been using a ton lately) I have two handy things for you to check out:
you have to try the Ginger Sherry Pork Roast – so good
My love for slow cooking re-started with the Low carb book which led me to asking for a larger slow cooker for my birthday. I was gifted the Giant Rival Crock-Pot and started using the cookbook that comes with that and mealtimes have been much nicer since then. I prepare dinner in the morning while Rito is happily playing alone and at the “witching hour” instead of trying to cook I can actually spend time with my family and look forward to a fresh hot meal.
Today I had to finally take the GreenMachine (my car) to the body shop. I had an accident at the end of July and it finally got into the body shop this morning. I was pretty lucky, the other 3 cars involved were written off (including a brand new Honda Accord, a Saab and a Chevy Cavelier and I was the guy sandwiched in between all of them) yet my sturdy little VW Beetle had under $3000.00 damage and all that is obvious to the naked eye is scratches on the bumper. I guess that says a lot about how Safe Happens.
Some people think I am nuts for driving a little VW Beetle while having a child (“my god, you will get killed in that little thing!” or “but it’s so small!”) but this accident proved to me that not only is my small car safe but it is damn cute too. Right now I am driving a rental car (Dodge Caliber) which is OK, but I really expected it to have more room since it is so much bigger then my car. I guess space in a car is highly subjective because I can not get anymore items into this Dodge then I got into my little Beetle and the 4 doors are a real pain in the ass because they are so small. Getting Rito in and out is going to suck (there is a ton of room in a 2 door Beetle to maneuver a kid in and out because the seats fold forward and out of the way completely for access to the backseat) and I feel like I am driving a truck since the thing handles as well as a bulldozer. And the visibility is limited. The interior is cute though with some sweet red touches on the dashboard.
Anyways the GreenMachine will be out of commission for about a week, which is fine since I do have something to drive but I really want her back. 😦

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