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The fear

I have a fear. No it isn’t the pain childbirth (62 hours of labour and a shitty non working epidural with 4th degree tearing? been there done that) or untimely death or spiders. I have a constant fear of my teeth falling out.

I like to blame my parents and the fun they had with pulling their dentures in and out of their mouths when I was a kid. They thought it was so funny to see me try to take my teeth out too. It could also be because I knocked my front tooth out as a kid when I stole my neighbours roller skates and tripped over the laces onto hard cement and endure having a new filling popped in it every few years. That and I am prone to getting cavities, something about thin enamel and deep molar pits. I dunno.

Anywhoo, I have a recurring nightmare that my teeth are falling out, and although I know that your teeth falling out is supposed to “mean something” in dream speak I really think it is a black and white thing for me. I am seriously freaked that I could lose my teeth.

Because seriously? I think my teeth are one of my best features – at least they don’t gain weight.


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American Apparel.

I applaud your company’s employment standards. Paying a living wage in L.A. (as well as having a meal subsidy program for your staff) and having Americans make your clothing and not farming the work out to China is awesome.

I love your sustainable edition (organic) line for my son. They are delicate and soft, yet stand up to multiple washings.

I enjoy going to your stores, which are well stocked. When I walk in I am awed by the array of colors and amazed by the brightness and cleanliness of the store. The staff is always fantastic. I find your retro-kitch aesthetic approach to clothing refreshing.

I do not however enjoy purchasing pants made of the cheapest feeling cotton available (yet I do because buying a North American made product makes me feel better about stuff) and promptly having the hems on them fall apart after 2 washings. Jersey – my ass. These lose their shape, twist, shrink, and fall apart much too quickly; even for $35.

I also do not enjoy visiting your website and the two times I refresh the main pages this is what I see:



Now I know I am getting a little older and more conservative but these also are not shorts:


I thought they were underwear until I read the description.

I know sex sells.

I would however like to go to a site to look for kids items and not be assaulted by photos of people who are barely clothed and appear filthy and stoned in most photos. Frankly it makes me feel like I should go take another bath.


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